Beach Essentials and hacks

You’ve been there, we all have.  You spent all morning preparing for what should be the perfect beach day.  You’ve packed every possible beach necessity into your car with such precision, that certainly somewhere at that very minute Martha Stewart is nodding in approval.  Then, the ride home, not so much.  The coolers are still mostly full, with now warm water and beer bottles (because you forgot the opener) floating in melted ice that could be mistaken for fruit punch, thanks to the watermelon rinds that got tossed in during the mass-exodus of impending high tide. There is sand everywhere.  Everywhere.  After lugging everything back to the car you are sweating, hot and ready to abandon the car and everything in it.  The ride home is sticky, and largely uncomfortable for all passengers since everyone is crammed between a chair or has a cooler on their lap because you somehow lost the spatial dexterity you had when initially packing (cue Martha’s disapproving glare).  

Oh, fellow beach goer, it doesn’t have to be that way!  Take back your beach day! Streamline your beach experience with this list of tried and true essentials that every sun-lover needs.  We have a saying in New England, if you don’t like the weather just wait a minute.  Well, you’ve been waiting and your moment is here….the perfect beach day has come, but before you feel that sand squish between your toes a little preparation is in order. 

We’ve compiled a list of ways to keep your trip to the ocean, a 'day at the beach'!   We’ve also discovered some seriously helpful beach hacks, which now, you lucky little ducks, we’re sharing with you!


1.  Montauk Roundie Beach Towel

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 9.47.28 AM.png

Function first, fashion second, like this gorgeous Montauk Roundie beach towel, purchased at  Ocean House Surf And Skate.  It’s super trendy, and though seriously absorbent, it’s light enough for easy packing. 


2.  Marblehead Greens Large Tote 

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 9.49.03 AM.png

If you’re heading to Gas House Beach in Marblehead, make sure you pop into FL Woods and pick up the timeless Marblehead Greens Large Tote.  This “ultimate boat bag” is sturdy, lightweight and has tons of room, but what to keep in this perfect beach bag?  2 collapsible beach buckets, the amazingly fun yet small and packable Djubi Slingball Classic (arguably fun for all ages, yours truly included) and when you’re  going to be somewhere with running water (bathrooms, etc.) bring everyone a  Be Free Katadyn Collapsible Waterfilter Bottles, to free up space in the cooler.


3.  Reading Material 


What’s a beach day without a book? If you’re at Preston Beach and you’ve forgotten a book, fear not! The Clifton Improvement Association has got you covered with their Little Free Library.  Grab a book to enjoy on the beach and return in when you’re done.  It’s the honor system people.  That’s how we roll around here.


4.  Lightspeed Lounger Chairs


To keep your load light and your sunbathing comfy, we found these Lightspeed lounger chairs, which quickly fold up into backpacks and weigh just under 4 pounds each, and Dock & Bay microfiber beach towels.  Dock & Bay have solved all of the sopping wet, sandy-gross beach towel problems by creating a towel that is completely sand repellent, dries in a flash, is anti-microbial and comes in a small, convenient packable bag.  This thing is so absorbent it will keep you soft and dry (until you need it again in 15 minutes after your next dip in the ocean.) Which brings us to the best beach hack of all time: Baby powder will quickly remove sand from every sneaky little place it finds its way to.  Keep a big bottle in your car, so you can dust off all those pesky grains before heading home.


5.  Logan and Lenora Wet Bag

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 9.51.23 AM.png

Another beach essential for 2018 is the  Logan and Lenora portfolio wet bag.  Plastic bags have long been a mom hack at the beach, but this sassy little helper folds for easy packing, is completely water proof and washing machine friendly. While at the beach, use it to keep electronics and keys dry in one convenient place, and at the end of the day switch your devices for your wet swim suits for a dry comfortable ride home.  Reasonably priced, you can swing by Hip Baby Gear and grab one, in a selection of colors and patterns. 


6.  Collapsible Lunch Containers


Deciding what to bring for food and snacks (and how to best pack them) can put a serious cramp in your morning.  Try using collapsible lunch containers, purchased at Home Goods in Swampscott.  Cheap, reusable, and dish washer friendly, now you have the perfect place to pack easy to eat snacks like chopped veggies, grapes, trail mix, hard boiled eggs, hard cheese & crackers, cold fried chicken, or deli rollups.  When sealed, your beach snacks are undetectable to even the most precocious seagull.  When empty, these lovelies collapse for easy packing and a lighter load for the trek back to the car.   


7.  Yeti HoPper Flip Cooler 


 Which brings us to the cooler.  Okay people, we are now talking critical beach gear. We all know that an oversized, clunky heavy cooler that leaks and barely keeps cold things luke-warm will ruin your beach day and potentially your spine. Look for a light-weight and sturdy cooler bag that will be easy to carry and makes clean up a cinch.   West Marine carries a ton of options, including the top-of-the-line Yeti Hopper Flip Cooler. Yeti, a brand long understood to be the mother-of-all coolers seriously hit a home run with the Hopper Flip.  Icy items stay cold for a ridiculous amount of time, and this thing can take a beating.  Easy to clean, and known for long-standing durability, it’s the purchase that keeps on giving.